Khairullah Rahim, 'Rendezvous', 2020 Khairullah Rahim, 'Rendezvous', 2020

Khairullah Rahim, 'Rendezvous', 2020

  • Collection of the Artist

  • Commission for 'Proposals for Novel Ways of Being'

  • 2020

  • Mixed media

Rendezvous draws parallels between the lush environment of the terrarium and public spaces where people interact and gather through a reimagined replica of a thriving habitat bringing together peculiar objects such as shower roses, faux plants, wood and gravel. These familiar objects embellished with rhinestones glimmer even as they remain enclosed behind glass, offering a covert glint of promise. This work continues Khairullah Rahim’s observations of the latent potential that public spaces hold and how they can be transformed through the interactions of various communities.

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Text written and read by: Keka Sinha (Friends of the Museums, Singapore)

Download English transcript here.