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Make SAM your contemporary art classroom through immersive learning experiences for audiences of all ages to encourage critical thinking and creative expression.

SAM’s educational programmes demonstrate the relevance of art in relation to the world around us through conversations about contemporary art. Explore works in the museum’s permanent collection at the Learning Gallery or sign up for the Think Contemporary Programme and Educational Workshops for targeted age groups.

Think! Contemporary Programme

The Think! Contemporary Programme is a multi-visit, museum-based school programme that is aimed at promoting educational learning through art.

First developed together with Haig Girls’ School, the Think! Contemporary Programme integrates school curriculum with museum visits and uses artworks from SAM’s permanent collection as primary resources for the classroom teaching and learning of Art, Humanities and English language subjects. Through close looking and discussions about artworks, a multidisciplinary approach is employed to cultivate analytical and creative thinking skills among students.

SAM will conduct training for participating teachers.

A lesson package has been created in collaboration with teachers from Geylang Methodist School (Primary), Haig Girls' School, Mayflower Primary School and St. Anthony's Primary School. Download this resource book here.

For enquiries, please email [email protected].

The Think! Contemporary Programmes for secondary schools focuses on place-based and inquiry based learning through the use of SAM’s permanent art collection at the Learning Gallery.

Tapping on the expertise of secondary school teachers, the Think! Contemporary Programme seeks to enhance the teaching and learning of subjects such as Art, English and Humanities through activities that can be conducted prior to the visit to SAM, during the visit and after the visit. The resources created by teachers in collaboration with SAM will be available on the website later in the year.

School Visits

Self-Directed Visits

Teachers may guide their students on an independent tour of SAM's galleries. Visit our  Exhibitions page to select the exhibition you wish to see and download Educator's Guides and Student Activity Sheets. For more information and to book a slot for your school download and complete the School Visit Booking Form, then send it to [email protected]. Booking forms must be received 3 weeks in advance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Museum Etiquette

Guided Visits

Requests can be made for guided tours. Visit our Exhibitions page to select the exhibition you wish to see. For more information and to request a guide, download the School Visit Booking Form and email it to [email protected].

Requests must be received by the 7th of the preceding month. Please note that guided tours are subject to the availability of docents. For more information, please email  [email protected] or call 66979 776.

School Workshops

Weekdays | 10:30am or 2:30pm | SAM at 8Q

Educational workshops inspired by the artworks at SAM have been specially developed to offer students a multidisciplinary and holistic contemporary art experience. These workshops range from learning specific art techniques, to craft‐making that encourages originality and teamwork. Each workshop includes a guided tour of the exhibition of your choice, followed by a hands-on activity component.

SAM offers workshops for these current exhibitions:

The educational workshops are for school bookings only. Please download and complete the Educational Workshop Booking Form, then send it to [email protected]

Each workshop accommodates a minimum of 20 participants, and a maximum of 40 participants for pre-schoolers, primary, secondary and tertiary level students. The minimum number of participants for each workshop for special needs schools is 10, and a maximum of 40 participants. SAM offers workshops for:

For all enquiries, please email [email protected].

Preschool Workshops (4 - 6 years)

$15 per person (before GST)

Amazing Art Hunt (1.5 hours)
Conducted by Amazing Art Shuttle

In this exciting workshop, students will go on a guided Art Hunt around the museum. Students will need to use their wits to solve a series of clues and create an artwork inspired by this art hunt.

Primary School Workshops (7 - 12 years)

$20 per person (before GST)

Amazing Art Explorer (1.5 hours)
Conducted by Amazing Art Shuttle

Be drawn into the world of contemporary art and get ready for a journey of art exploration. Students will be encouraged to work in groups that will strengthen team-building skills and create their own group masterpieces.

Contemporary Art Fun (1.5 hours)
Conducted by ArtBeatz

Explore creative approaches to art-making and be exposed to various materials in this fun and sensorial workshop. Students will be given a chance to examine contemporary artworks through facilitated discussions during a guided tour, and make crafts inspired by what they have observed.

Junior Artists (2 hours)
Conducted by Art Loft

Stimulate the imagination of your students and explore concepts and characteristics of contemporary art in this workshop. Students will be given the opportunity to discover their creative potential through hands-on art-making and working with different materials.

Secondary School/Tertiary Institutions Workshops (13 - 18 years)

$30 per person (before GST)

Young Artists (2 hours)
Conducted by Art Loft

Participants will reflect, interpret and evaluate contemporary works of art using the language of art criticism. The students will then be guided to create artworks based on their interpretations of the works that have impressed them.

Amazing Art Discovery (2 hours)
Conducted by Amazing Art Shuttle

It is always more fun to look at art with friends. Discover the many ways of looking at contemporary art through this workshop. Students will be equipped with tools for interpretation and peer discussion, followed by creation of their own artworks in response to what they have observed.


Workshop for Educators

Friday, 24 November | 3pm – 5pm | Workshop Space 2, SAM at 8Q
Free with registration. This event is exclusive to educators only.

Register here.

Want to learn how to engage students with the ideas, imagery and stories presented in Cinerama: Art and the Moving Image in Southeast Asia?

Join us for a two-hour workshop where art educator Adrian Tan will be sharing about the pedagogical strands behind this exhibition and how to use the activity sheets to guide your Secondary and Tertiary students during the visit. Educators will also explore ways to actively engage in open dialogue with students through the works of art in the exhibition.

Whilst this workshop may be targeted at Secondary and Tertiary level educators, we welcome Primary and Preschool educators to register. Each educator will be given a copy of the educational resources.

Workshop will not proceed if total sign-up rate is below minimum number of participants. Registration closes one day before the event.


Education Resources

Activity Sheets

Suitable for both students and young adults, the activity sheets – which are based on selected artworks in the exhibition – are catered to different age groups and are available for download at the SAM website.

Education Resources

Purchase Education Resources created by the SAM Education team. Contact [email protected] for school purchases.

Diver's Logbook

Retail Price: $2

Travel over the ocean and explore under the sea with this interactive diver’s logbook as you make your way through Imaginarium’s aquatic landscape. Appealing to all ages, the logbook is filled with beautifully detailed illustrations waiting to be brought to life through sketching and colouring by you.

Traveller’s Diary

Have you ever wondered how other people live? Or what happens in their country? Using the clue in the traveller’s diary, take a trip around the Asia-Pacific. Find out more about the history and culture of other people, record your observations and share your favourite memory with everyone!

Download here

The Route to Utopia

Retail Price: $2

Where is your utopia? Follow 3 explorers – Elizabeth, Marco and Utama – as they explore the 4 different worlds in After Utopia: Revisiting the Ideal in Asian Contemporary Art. Suitable for both children and adults, this treasure map will guide you through selected artworks in the exhibition and challenge you to probe deeper. Your journey to utopia begins here.

Moon Passport

Retail Price: $2

Travel through time and space with this limited-edition passport as you make your way around Imaginarium: A Voyage of Big Ideas. Featuring artists’ impressions, fun facts and leading questions, come discover and explore realms of new possibilities through your very own personalised passport and work your way to being a fully certified citizen of the Moon – a Moonwalker!

Who's Afraid Of Contemporary Art?
A Survival Kit

Retail Price: $30
ISBN: 978-981-08-8954-8

Who's Afraid Of Contemporary Art? A Survival Kit is an education kit designed by SAM with Singaporean artist Dawn Ng to introduce contemporary art to children, using detailed, easy-to-use activity plans and teaching aids.

Suitable for children aged 6 and above, the kit takes children through the artist's conceptualisation of the artwork WALTER, exploring the idea and concept of spaces, drawing inspiration from stories and applying what they have learnt to create their own artwork.

The kit contains:

  1. Information booklet with 5 detailed activity plans
  2. Picture cards and cue cards
  3. 1 WALTER colouring book
  4. 1 WALTER inflatable
Let's Discover Contemporary Art!
With Natee Utarit

Retail Price: $10
ISBN: 978-981-07-0802-3

Let's Discover Contemporary Art! With Natee Utarit is an activity book specially designed for children aged 9 and above to discover Southeast Asian contemporary art through interesting information, challenging questions and engaging activities based on Thai contemporary artist Natee Utarit. Children will find out more about painting as an art form and see how it can show interesting ways of looking at the things around us.

Are You Afraid of Contemporary Art?
(Natee Utarit)

Retail Price: $10
ISBN: 978-981-07-1028-6

Are You Afraid of Contemporary Art? (Natee Utarit) is a book developed for young adults to discover Southeast Asian contemporary art through interesting information and challenging questions based on the works of Thai contemporary artist Natee Utarit. Readers will find out more about painting as an art form and see how an artist explores the various elements of painting.

Are You Afraid of Contemporary Art?
(Vincent Leow)

Retail Price: $10
ISBN: 978-981-07-1029-3

Are You Afraid of Contemporary Art? (Vincent Leow) is a book developed for young adults to discover Southeast Asian contemporary art through interesting information and challenging questions based on the works of Singapore contemporary artist Vincent Leow. Readers will find out more about how an artist can be inspired by personal journeys and events, and see how ideas or concepts are important elements in his creation of art.


All publications are on sale at For school purchases or enquiries, email [email protected].

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