Artist Residency || 01 Oct 2022 to 31 Mar 2023

Aljaž Rudolf and Eva Smrekar, students in Slovenia of Architecture, and Philosophy and Art History respectively, work across art, architecture and science. While in residence, they will continue to work on FaceOrFactory, a collaborative research and artistic project that creates new personae based on DNA material and 3D scans of individuals. They aim to transform FaceOrFactory's DNA and digital database into blockchain based DAO. They will embark on a new research and design phase of the project which will form around the latest decentralised economic and corporative models, exploring them as an open, fluid space of possible subversive acts. They are interested in building a parasitic system which sponges off the field of crypto market yet enables it to convert its paradigms into acts of digital "civil disobedience".


Portrait image on listings page by Ajda Martincic.

Hero banner by Hana Josic. Courtesy Kapelica Gallery.