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Learning Gallery

Singapore Art Museum

Explore works in the museum’s permanent collection at the Learning Gallery, a space specially dedicated to discussion and engagement with contemporary art, or sign up for the Think Contemporary Programme and Peer-led guided tour.

Once Upon This Island

7 November 2014 – 19 March 2017

Once Upon This Island

The Hidden Dimension II
Sarah Choo Jing, The Hidden Dimension II,
2013, Multimedia installation, Edition 3/5.
Dimensions variable, video duration 1:05 mins
Singapore Art Museum collection.

Once Upon This Island presents a series of contemporary works by Singapore artists exploring the stories and lives that surround us and abound on this island-nation. Featuring selected works from the Singapore Art Museum’s permanent collection as well as artwork commissions, the exhibition navigates ideas of home, community, identity and memory, and raises pertinent and timely questions on what it means to live in contemporary Singapore — an urbanised, ever-changing city-state and island, set between peninsula and archipelago.

Accessible virtually here.

Download our exhibition guide here
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Download our education activity sheet for Secondary Schools

Think! Contemporary Programme

The Think! Contemporary Programme is a multi-visit, museum-based school programme that is aimed at promoting educational learning through art.

First developed together with Haig Girls’ School, the Think! Contemporary Programme integrates school curriculum with museum visits and uses artworks from SAM’s permanent collection as primary resources for the classroom teaching and learning of Art, Humanities and English language subjects. Through close looking and discussions about artworks, a multidisciplinary approach is employed to cultivate analytical and creative thinking skills among students.

SAM will conduct training for participating teachers.

A lesson package has been created in collaboration with teachers from Geylang Methodist School (Primary), Haig Girls' School, Mayflower Primary School and St. Anthony's Primary School. Download this resource book here.

For enquiries, please email [email protected].

The Think! Contemporary Programmes for secondary schools focuses on place-based and inquiry based learning through the use of SAM’s permanent art collection at the Learning Gallery.

Tapping on the expertise of secondary school teachers, the Think! Contemporary Programme seeks to enhance the teaching and learning of subjects such as Art, English and Humanities through activities that can be conducted prior to the visit to SAM, during the visit and after the visit. The resources created by teachers in collaboration with SAM will be available on the website later in the year.

Resources for Secondary School

Learning Gallery 1 Learning Gallery 2
Artist / Artwork Lesson plans / Integrated subjects Artist / Artwork Lesson plans / Integrated subjects
Untitled work from the ‘Singapore’ series
Art, English Green Zeng
Siapa Nama Saya?from the ‘Chinese School Lessons’ series
Art, National Education
Sarah Choo Jing
The Hidden Dimension II
Art, National Education Jing Quek
Singapore Idols – Army Boys

Singapore Idols – Aunties & Uncles

Singapore Idols – Maids
Art, Social Studies, Literature
Shin Lin
HDB Life
Art, History Jason Wee
Self-Portrait (No More Tears Mr. Lee)
*Coming soon
Vicente Delgado
We Are Family
Art, National Education Francis Ng
Constructing Construction #1
Art, Literature, History
Lee Wen
Strange Fruit
Art, Literature, Drama, Cultural Heritage Michael Lee
Sparrow (after National Theatre, 1963-86, on Clemenceau Avenue) from the series “City Planned: Tracing Monuments”
Art, History, English, Literature
Chun Kai Feng
Not Much to See

Art, Literature Dawn Ng

HDB Corridor
Art, National Education


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