school group visits

Make Singapore Art Museum part of your school year! We cater to self-directed visits and guided visits.


Self-Directed Visits
Teachers may guide their students on an independent tour of SAM's galleries. Visit our Art & Events page to select the exhibition you wish to see and download Educator’s Guides and Student Activity Sheets. For more information and to book a slot for your school, download and complete the School Visit Booking Form, then send it to [email protected] Booking forms must be received 3 weeks in advance.

Guided Visits
Requests can be made for guided tours. Visit our Art & Events page to select the exhibition you wish to see. For more information and to request a guide, download the School Visit Booking Form and email it to [email protected]

Requests must be received by the 7th of the preceding month. Please note that guided tours are subject to the availability of docents. For more information, please email [email protected] or call 66979 776.



Group Visit Information

Museum Hours

The museum is open daily from 10am - 7pm, with last admission at 6.30pm. Additionally, the museum provides free entry to all visitors from 7pm to 9pm every Friday. 

Admission Fees

Free admission for:

  • All students enrolled in educational institutions based in Singapore
  • All educators based in Singapore
  • All Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents.
  • For adults who are non-Singapore citizens and Permanent Residents:
    • 1 adult (e.g. accompanying parent volunteer) for every 5 pre-schoolers from all preschool institutions based in Singapore
    • 1 adult (e.g. accompanying parent volunteer) for every 20 students from all primary schools to tertiary institutions based in Singapore
  • This includes students and teachers from Student Care Centres

For other students and teachers, regular admission charges are as follows: 

Foreign Visitors

  • $10 per adult 
  • $5 per student (student ID required) 

Gallery Capacity

  • For large student groups, teachers should divide the students into smaller groups of 20 or less, with each group accompanied by 1 teacher.
  • Teachers may bring up to a maximum of 80 students to SAM at any one time.

Museum Etiquette
Please brief your students on museum etiquette before your visit.

  • No eating and drinking are allowed in museum premises, especially not in the galleries. This does not apply to the Court Yard area at SAM and SAM 8Q Plaza, unless there are artworks on display.
  • Please do not run or play in the galleries to prevent the possibility of damaging an artwork. 
  • Please do not touch any artwork (unless it is an interactive artwork). 
  • Please ensure that noise level is kept at a minimum and not to shout or talk loudly in the galleries. Students are allowed to take photographs without flash. Selfie sticks are not allowed in galleries.

 Other Notes for Teachers

  • Teachers or accompanying adults should be with the students at all times to maintain discipline and keep noise levels conducive to all visitors for their enjoyment of the artworks. 
  • The school will be held responsible for any misconduct and damages incurred during their visit to the museum, with the possibility of forgoing their guided tour privileges for the rest of the year.