Magical Objects and Modern Mantras by Alfian Sa’at and Faris Joraimi


  • FRI, 11 JAN '19

  • Moving Image Gallery,L2, SAM at 8Q

  • 7.30PM – 9PM

  • Tickets fully redeemed

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Magic Objects and Modern Mantras examines the legacies of 7 objects from Malay magic. These include love ointments, invincibility talismans, beautifying needles, blessed waters and trance-inducing incense. 
In this presentation, Faris Joraimi will speak about the allure of magical objects, with their promise of instant solutions and desired transformations, matched by their demands on individual faith and sacrifice. He will be joined by Alfian Sa’at, who will share his English translations of Malay magical spells (the mantera or mantra) as well as his own original ‘modern’ renderings of these mantras. 

This talk is a response to Zarina Muhammad’s artwork, Pragmatic Prayers for the Kala at the Threshold.