A Date with SAM: Zheng Mahler A Date with SAM: Zheng Mahler

A Date with SAM:
Zheng Mahler

Remap your understanding of familiar neighbourhoods in Singapore through urban legends and mythologies with Royce Ng of the Hong Kong-based collective Zheng Mahler and guest curator Mi You as they discuss the conceptualisation of and processes behind Zheng Mahler’s The Green Crab: A Diagram of Auspicious Spatial Organisation. This artwork is part of SAM’s latest multi-venue exhibition, Lonely Vectors.

A Date with SAM: Zheng Mahler is part of the programming for Lonely Vectors. The Green Crab: A Diagram of Auspicious Spatial Organisation will be showing at the hoarding around SAM's building on Bras Basah and 8 Queen Street.

About the speaker

Zheng Mahler
Zheng Mahler is an ongoing collaboration between artist Royce Ng (b. 1983, Australia) and anthropologist Daisy Bisenieks (b. 1983, Australia) which examines global trade, the relational networks connecting nature, technology and human geography and beyond, as well as flows of mutual influence and the environmental architectures produced. The pair use digital media, performance and installation to develop speculative scenarios and immersive encounters that explore the limits and potentials of their respective disciplines. Together, they have exhibited, performed and participated in numerous art spaces, institutions and residencies, working alongside various communities in Australia, Asia, Africa, Europe and the US.

Mi You
Mi You is a curator and researcher working at the intersection of ancient and futuristic technologies and networks.

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