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Artist Workshop | Kneading Kala


An Artist-led Workshop on the Genius Loci and Shape-shifting Stories on Space

How many numinous spirits are left in our midst? Who stands, sits, crouches, watches from the threshold? The names of many a sea-faring, earthy, chthonic, tree-inhabiting, flapping, winged avian spirit, deity, guardian spirit or spiritual benefactor continue to make its presence felt across the cultural imaginaries of Maritime Southeast Asia, in symbolic and more visceral palpable ways. If we are to map the space between the hills and the sea, who are the beings and spectres (historical or otherwise) who occupy, reside, are buried or forgotten in the lands in between?

In this workshop led by Zarina Muhammad, participants will be invited to write a letter or create little effigies in remembrance of the stories of imagined, mythic or historical guardians of the hills, land and seas.

Suitable for ages 12 and up.

Optional: Participants are welcome to bring additional materials (such as beads) to decorate their effigies.