Limited Time Only: A roving theatrical performance Limited Time Only: A roving theatrical performance

Limited Time Only:
A roving theatrical performance

  • Sat–Sun, 27–28 Apr & 4–5 May 2024

  • Meet at SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark, 39 Keppel Road, #01-02, Singapore 089065

  • 11AM–12PM

  • $27

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The Second Breakfast Company presents an unforgettable roving theatrical experience titled Limited Time Only, which is inspired by Hilmi Johandi’s Stagecraft: Landscaped Grounds, a public art commission by The Everyday Museum.

Unfolding amidst the rich tapestry of Wessex Estate, Commonwealth Avenue, Tanglin Halt, Queenstown and the Rail Corridor, this extraordinary adventure with a mysterious travel agency is a one-of-a-kind experience that defies time and space. Embark on this journey to (de)construct the narratives of and our evolving relationship with these dynamic locations.

Choose between voyaging to the past and witnessing the Rail Corridor as a historic railway line amidst burgeoning estates or leaping into the future to behold its transformative developments and untold possibilities. Your decision on this journey determines the outcome of the performance! Which path would you tread?

Limited Time Only is commissioned by The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative by Singapore Art Museum, and conceptualised by The Second Breakfast Company. The use of oral history interviews in this performance is made possible with the support of the National Archives of Singapore. Stagecraft: Landscaped Grounds is supported by Sun Venture, in venue partnership with JTC.

Stagecraft: Landscaped Grounds is currently on view at Wessex Estate (10 Woking Road) adjacent to the Rail Corridor, accessible via the entrance at 55A Commonwealth Drive.

Director: Cherilyn Woo
Scriptwriter and Dramaturg: Farhanah Diyanah
Production and Stage Manager: Charlotte Elizabeth
Actors: Masturah Oli, Fahim Murshed
Featuring extracts from the oral history interviews of:
Lim Wee Kiang @ Dennis Lim (Accession number 003502 Reel/Disc 2 of 5)
Woo Yen Yen (Dr) (Special Project, Accession number E000045 Reel/Disc 1 of 1)
Chee Haw Poh Paul (Accession number 003048 Reel/Disc 1 of 11)
Chan, Benedict Wai Meng (History of the Labour Movement, Accession number 004615 Ree/Disc 1 of 7)
Richmond Bryan @ Brian Richmond (Queenstown Community Book and Trail, Accession number 003155 Reel/Disc 2 of 3)


about A Weekend with The Everyday Museum

A Weekend with The Everyday Museum
Material Memories
Fri–Sun, 27–28 Apr & 3–5 May


A Weekend with The Everyday Museum is a series of programmes surrounding our ongoing public art commissions. Expect to encounter everyday sights, sounds and uses of various sites with fresh eyes.


In this extended edition of A Weekend with The Everyday Museum, we present two weekends of programmes dedicated to unveiling collective memories. Embedded within various materials, these memories—in the form of photographs, sounds and the written word—reflect our shared human experience. Two distinct roving performances at the Rail Corridor illuminate stories of the area’s diverse users, underscoring the enduring relevance of this historical site and recreation zone. Participate in a hands-on workshop inspired by Grace Tan’s public art commission, Sea of flags. The workshop introduces the basics of colour theory and delves into the art of visual storytelling using images, objects, colours, textures and patterns captured from everyday sights, buildings and objects. Or join us for an insightful discussion as we learn about the humble nutmeg and the diverse roles that it plays in artistic iconography, culinary culture and national history.