The Internet is a Thing The Internet is a Thing

The Internet is a Thing

  • Sat, 16 Sep 2023

  • Punggol Regional Library, MakeIT (Level 4)

  • 12PM–3PM

  • Free, by registration

    Registration Link

The Internet is a Thing is an art & tech workshop inviting participants to assemble a simple toy driven by the artist Chok Si Xuan and the artist collective Feelers. Connecting to the artwork HzHz by Chok Si Xuan, the workshop probes our understanding of various spaces we interact with, and how we perceive and distinguish them. While interacting in a virtual 3D space, The Internet is a Thing highlights how online worlds are dependent on offline infrastructure through an accessible and playful activity. Participants will be introduced to 3D printing through a demonstration by Feelers, and are encouraged to bring home their own 3D-printed toy!