Unwind with SAM: Art & Meditation Unwind with SAM: Art & Meditation

Unwind with SAM: Art & Meditation


Join us for weekly guided meditation sessions that will be broadcasted live on SAM's Facebook page. This programme is part of a new initiative by SAM titled Project Happiness, which offers participants opportunities to learn about mindfulness and mental well-being, while experiencing art in new ways. Each week, participants will go through a mindfulness meditation practice inspired by selected works in SAM's collection. See you every Wednesday evening!

Project Happiness is a Singapore Art Museum initiative. Opinions expressed through the programme are independent of SAM. SAM is not responsible for and does not endorse any of the opinions expressed on the programme. The information contained in the programme is not intended nor implied to be a substitute for professional advice, medical or otherwise. Participants assume full responsibility on how they choose to use information obtained from the programme. SAM recommends participants to always seek the advice of a qualified healthcare provider about any medical or mental health issues they may have.


About the Instructors

Cheryl Tan, Founder of The Breathe Movement (Photo credt: Joyce Chansingh
(Photo credit: Joyce Chansingh)

Cheryl is an imperfect human with an infectious laugh. She is the Festival Director of the Singapore Mental Health Film Festival, a ground-up initiative that seeks to challenge the social stigma that is attached to having a mental illness, and the discrimination faced by those affected by it. She is also the Founder of The Breathe Movement, a social enterprise that seeks to increase the emotional and mental resilience of individuals through the practice and philosophies of yoga. Cheryl is a 2019 Obama Leader: Asia-Pacific.

Cheryl will lead the live meditation sessions every Wednesday from 20 May to 10 June. 

 Dr. Russell Chan

Dr. Russell Chan is a neuroscientist with a fascination of the mind and its potential for cognitive performance. Using different neuroimaging techniques, he investigates how meditation techniques affects our health, well-being and performance.  He has been a yoga and meditation teacher for the last 8 years and the Director of www.primeyourmindnow.com, a website dedicated to share his knowledge on topics about meditation, spirituality, cognitive neuroscience and motor control.  Over the next few weeks as you explore the unique style of Yoga Nidra meditation with him, he hopes that you will enjoy the experience and the journey of understanding the science behind meditation.

Dr. Russell Chan will lead the live meditation sessions every Wednesday from 17 June to 8 July.