Skill Futures: Effigies II by thesupersystem Skill Futures: Effigies II by thesupersystem

Skill Futures: Effigies II by thesupersystem

Existence as we know it is an immersive tapestry—an intricate interplay between the spiritual, virtual and actual. Effigies II serves as a visual dialogue between these realms by inviting us to contemplate how the ethereal and the tangible are interconnected. In this interactive performance, audiences will be invited to communicate with characters that the artist has devised.

The interactive performance will be followed by a conversation with SAM curator Joella Kiu. This session is held in conjunction with the series Skill Futures. 

About the artist

thesupersystem is the brainchild of Heider Ismail. Started off as a school project, it eventually evolved into a platform that merges technology, science and art. Central to thesupersystem's ethos and artistic exploration are the themes of posthumanism, Malay culture, and nature. These themes are intricately woven into the fabric of thesupersystem’s work, defining his artistic identity while contributing to the richness and diversity of Singapore's cultural landscape. A self-initiated campaign called 'The Jungle Is Neutral' echoes a number of collaborative projects regarding the natural world. thesupersystem has exhibited in some notable places, including National Gallery Singapore and the London Science Festival.

About Skill Futures

In a time when the physical and digital are blurred, what skills do we need to understand and critically shape our hybrid realities? Artists are now being asked to invest in digital skills more than ever: to "upskill" and pursue "personal development," to prepare to emerge on the other side of COVID equipped for a future whose material and digital realities will be even more intertwined. But what does it mean to become "smarter"? To what ends are new technical skills being pursued? Skill Futures is a digital commissioning platform of the Singapore Art Museum, which features performances, workshops, and experimental lectures. It elaborates on the new forms of "intelligence" that emerges from different ways of reading the screen as a speculative medium of the future. These programmes may take the form of talks, discussions, workshops, or performative commissions led by SAM curators.  Click here to find out more about Skill Futures in our blog article.