Archaeology of Singapore

This exhibition is held in conjunction with Singapore Heritage Festival 2018, where a series of archaeological activities will take place at SAM’s main building aka the former St. Joseph’s Institution, as part of a bid to deepen the public’s understanding of the National Monument, which dates back to 1855.


Apart from detailing the process of conducting archaeology – from site evaluations to post-excavation research and analysis, so that visitors can better understand the work and processes behind archaeology; this archaeological investigation will help shed light on the archaeological significance of SAM as a historical site, investigate the possible presence of archaeological materials and ascertain if any further steps are necessary before building works commence.


The investigation is especially important as the site is located right outside the walls of ancient Temasek. It may also reveal more about the histories and usage of the site, which prior to the construction of the building in 1855, was the site of the earliest Roman Catholic chapel in Singapore.



highlighted works