Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Tiger Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Tiger

Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Tiger

  • 24 Nov 2023 to 3 Mar 2024

  • Gallery 1 & 2, SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 10AM–7PM

  • General Admission (Free for Singaporeans and PRs)

Trace the artistry of acclaimed Singaporean artist Ho Tzu Nyen in a groundbreaking showcase spanning two decades of his multidisciplinary works on history, myths and identities.

Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Tiger is a mid-career survey exhibition of the artist’s practice that spans two decades worth of paintings, films, theatrical performances, and video installations. Ho’s works often draw from historical events, documentary footage, art history, music videos and mythical stories to investigate the construction of history, the narrative of myths, and the plurality of identities. The exhibition also features a new commission, T for Time, a two-channel video installation that reflects on the embodied and heterogeneous experiences of time.

Ho Tzu Nyen: Time & the Tiger is co-organised between Singapore Art Museum and Art Sonje Center.

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Banner Image: Ho Tzu Nyen, One or Several Tigers (2017), video, smoke machine, automated screen, show control system, 14 wayang kulit puppets in aluminium frames. Video: two-channel HD video projections, 16:9 format, colour and 10-channel sound, 33 min 33 sec. Collection of Singapore Art Museum. Image courtesy of the artist.

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Ho Tzu Nyen Time and the Tiger