Installation in Progress

Installation in Progress
Exhibition-making and the Singapore Art Museum

What is an exhibition? How is an exhibition made? And why do we make exhibitions?

Exhibitions are core to the life of a museum. Here, Installation in Progress takes a closer look at exhibition making from the perspectives of three parties: the curator, the artist and the audience.

Installation in Progress charts Singapore Art Museum’s (SAM) exhibition history, presents a new artwork commission from Singaporean artist Michael Lee, and an interactive component that lets visitors try out their own exhibition plans. In doing so, the presentation surveys the spectrum of SAM’s past exhibitions, the current day and speculates on future possibilities.

Through presentations and re-presentations of a museum’s collection, artwork commissions, adaptations and loans, each exhibition also brings together a kaleidoscope of artistic lenses through which the world can be viewed anew.

Every exhibition is also ultimately brought to life by a multitude of individuals; many work behind the scenes but each leaves a trace on what is finally seen. By reflecting on the multiple dimensions of what goes into creating an exhibition, Installation in Progress seeks to uncover the spirit of creating an exhibition.


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michael lee


LED rope, LED tubes, transformers, stainless steel, acrylic