Medium at Large

Medium at Large explores the idea of medium in contemporary art, probing some of the most fundamental and pressing questions of art – its making, and also our experience, encounter and understanding of it. The year-long exhibition at Singapore Art Museum revels in the rich expanse of materials that contemporary artworks can be made of, and from, with artwork media ranging from oil paint to rattan, human hair, live bullet shells, as well as 'dematerialised' media like sound and language. The exhibition also scrutinizes the very 'slipperiness' of medium as once-stable categories and genres begin to slide into one another. Medium at Large draws largely from our permanent collection, and also includes loans and commissions from Singaporean, Southeast Asian, and Asian artists. Across 32 artworks, the exhibition probes and ponders the fluid – if ever-elusive – nature of art: of art's medium, at large.

artists & artworks

Song-Ming Ang
You and I (2009 – 2012)

Nadiah Bamadhaj
Quiet Rooms (2009)

Annie Cabigting
On the Shelf, On the Shelf (After Michael Craig-Martin) (2010)

Chen Sai Hua Kuan
Space Drawing 5 (2009)

Heman Chong
The Forer Effect (2008)

Chua Chye Teck
April 2008, Tokyo (2009)

Osang Gwon
BluRay_B (2009)

Ho Tzu Nyen
The Cloud of Unknowing (2011)

Mella Jaarsma
Shaggy (2008)

Ranbir Kaleka
He Was A Good Man (2007 – 2008)

Torlarp Larpjaroensook
Bookshelf (2011)

Jane Lee
Status (2009)

Mit Jai Inn
Untitled (2014)

Alan Oei
The End of History (2008 – 2013)

Nipan Oranniwesna
Let Us Progress Towards... (2009)

Renato Orara
Bookwork: NIV Compact Thinline Bible (page 403) (2008)

Gary-Ross Pastrana
Echolalia (2009)

Sopheap Pich
Cycle (2004 – 2008)

Melati Suryodarmo
Exergie – Butter Dance (Sao Paolo) (2000)

Tan Gerardo
thisisthatisthis (2001)
thatisthisisthat (2001)

The Artists Village
Public Art Library (2003)

Shadow of Surrender (2013)

Tran Luong
Steam Rice Man (2001)

Natee Utarit
The Birth of Tragedy (2010)

Wong Hoy Cheong
The Charity Lady (After Jean-Baptiste Greuze's La Dame de Charite, 1775) (2009)

Ian Woo
Lot Sees Salt: First Heart
Lot Sees Salt: Head
Lot Sees Salt: Neck
Lot Sees Salt: Wing (2009)

Ye Shufang
Project: Honey Sticks (6,425) (2014)

Alvin Zafra
Pepe (2008)
Marcial Bonifacio (2006)

Zulkifle Mahmod
Sonic Encounter (2013)


honey sticks

ye shufang


installation with 6,425 honey sticks


mella jaarsma


hair, hair curlers

the cloud of unknowing

ho tzu nyen


installation with single-channel hd video projection, multi-channel audio, lighting, smoke machines and show control system