Think! Contemporary 2022

Finding Wonders: Celebrating 10 Years of Think! Contemporary Student Artworks


Explore the little wonders that exist in your daily life in Finding Wonders: Celebrating 10 Years of Think! Contemporary Student Artworks. As you journey through the exhibition, discover the many wonders that young students have found in the virtual world, in their dreams, in people and even in themselves, that inspired their artworks.

Finding Wonders is the tenth edition of the Think! Contemporary programme, presented by the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) in partnership with CHIJ Our Lady Queen of Peace, Geylang Methodist School (Primary), Haig Girls’ School, Mayflower Primary School and St. Anthony’s Primary School. This exhibition spans across physical and virtual realms, showcasing more than 30 artworks created in 2021 and 2022.


About Think! Contemporary
Think! Contemporary is a museum-based school programme by Singapore Art Museum (SAM) that advocates learning through art. In this programme, students are invited to visit the museum either onsite or online to learn about contemporary art. Designed to integrate content from SAM’s exhibitions with school curricula, Think! Contemporary positions artworks from SAM exhibitions as primary educational resources. For Finding Wonders, artworks from SAM's exhibitions serve as key references for classroom teaching and integrated with Art, Character and Citizenship Education, English, Science or Social Studies.