Time of Others

A survey of contemporary art from the Asia Pacific region, Time of Others features works of artists responding to social, historical and geopolitical concerns at this present juncture of living in a more interconnected world today, where notions of boundary, difference and Otherness have also become more complex. 

Time of Others poses the paradoxical question of how we can authentically and meaningfully conceive, understand and engage with other cultural contexts of society, while residing within our own localities, and being part of a globalised world today. The exhibition presents contemporary artists from diverse regions whose works reflect on both individual and shared histories, cultural specificities, colonial legacies, as well as their subjectivities that shape our understanding of culture and identity today.

Time of Others is a co-curatorial collaboration between Singapore Art Museum (SAM), Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo (MOT), National Museum of Art Osaka (NMAO) and the Queensland Art Gallery (QAG). With more than 20 artworks drawn from the participating museums’ collections, artist loans and commissions, the exhibition will travel to the four museums from 2015 to 2016.

artists & artworks

Ringo Bunoan

Endings (2013)

No Endings (2013)


Chen Chieh-Jen

Realm of Reverberations (2014)


Heman Chong

Calendars (2020 – 2096) (2004 – 2010)


Kiri Dalena

Erased Slogans (2008

Red Book of Slogans (2008)


Graham Fletcher

Untitled From the series ‘Lounge Room Tribalism’ (2010)

Untitled From the series ‘Lounge Room Tribalism’ (2010)

Untitled From the series ‘Lounge Room Tribalism’ (2010)


Saleh Husein

Arabian Party (2013)


Jonathan Jones

lumination fall wall weave (2006/2015)


On Kawara

APR. 8, 1981 From the series ‘TODAY’, (1966 – 2014) (1981)

Nov. 21, 1985 From the series ‘TODAY’, (1966 – 2014) (1985)


An-My Lê
US Marine Expeditionary Unit, Shoalwater Bay, Australia From the series ‘Events Ashore’ (2005)

Damage Control Training, USS Nashville, Senegal From the series ‘Events Ashore’ (2009)

Patient Admission, US Naval Hospital Ship Mercy, Vietnam From the series ‘Events Ashore’ (2010)

Ship Security, US Naval Hospital Ship Comfort, Haiti From the series ‘Events Ashore’ (2010)


Lim Minouk

International Calling Frequency (2011)


Basir Mahmood

Manmade (2010)


Miyagi Futoshi

The Ocean View Resort (2013)


Pratchaya Phinthong

Give More Than You Take (2010 – Ongoing)


Shitamichi Motoyuki

Taichung, Taiwan From the series ‘torii’ (2006 – 2012)

Saipan, USA From the series ‘torii’ (2006 – 2012)

Saipan, USA From the series ‘torii’ (2006 – 2012)

Geomundo Island, Korea From the series ‘torii’ (2006 – 2012)

Sakhalinskaja, Russia From the series ‘torii’ (2006 – 2012)


Tozer Pak (Pak Sheung Chuen)

A Travel Without Visual Experience: Malaysia (2008)


Vandy Rattana



Danh Vo

2.2.1861 (2009 – Ongoing)


calendars (2020 - 2096)

heman chong

2004 – 2010

1001 offset prints with matte lamination

give more than you take

pratchaya phinthong

2010 – ongoing

diverse arranged objects, video

lumination fall wall weave

jonathan jones


electrical cable, light fittings, bulbs