• 05 Aug 2022

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 7:30 PM

Insights from an ongoing dialogue between Hera Chan and Edwin Nasr 

Life After Love? is a discussion between curators Hera Chan and Edwin Nasr about their ongoing curatorial project, which seeks a visual grammar of collective resistance in and after the global uprisings of 2019. What were the aesthetic and affective registers mobilised by artists and cultural workers amid conditions of state collapse? How to build and circulate archives of resistance able to bypass technologies of control? To whom are visual documentations of uprisings produced and how to nurture ‘intentional audiences’? 

Chan and Nasr shared reflections from their work, NOT A READY-MADE HISTORY, a talk radio series that assembles and engages voices, experiences, and sounds from the 2019–2021 uprisings that took shape and continue to unfold in and around Beirut and Hong Kong, but also Baghdad, Bangkok, Khartoum, and Yangon in order to draw parallels from and articulate solidarities between mass mobilisations across different localities. The first four acts were commissioned by SAVVYZAAR and structured on reporting, unionising, interfering, instituting—that each constitute part and parcel of the strategies, tactics, and modes of engagements through which dissenters seek to undo legacies of state violence and dismantle oppressive systems and formations.