Sonic Reflections from Two Cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town with Bhavisha Panchia and Adrian Van Wyk

  • 24 Aug 2023

  • Singapore Art Museum (Corporate Office and Residency Studios), 39 Keppel Rd, #03-07, Singapore...

In Sonic Reflections from Two Cities, Johannesburg and Cape Town, curator and researcher Bhavisha Panchia (based in Johannesburg) and filmmaker, creative producer and writer Adrian Van Wyk (based in Cape Town) will share insights into their practices, processes and methodologies, while drawing connections between samples and citations in both their creative practices privileging sound, music and language. 

Bhavisha and Adrian will reflect on the sonic lineages of their respective cities and projects that are informed by these geo-localities. These include Hip Hop as an avenue for the retelling of histories, music censorship in South Africa during apartheid, and independent record labels. Their conversation will be interspersed with short snippets of their past projects, including excerpts from their past filmic and sonic projects in order to highlight the influence of their respective cities on their creative practices. 


This programme was hosted as part of Residency Thursday, an ongoing series of activations and presentations led by SAM residents.