• 02 Mar 2023

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 7:30 PM

Subaltern Futurism, Counter Narratives & the Afterlives of Caste: Part 1 - Vishal Kumaraswamy in conversation with Farhan Idris


Vishal Kumaraswamy delivered a talk on the development of his alternative pedagogical framework Subaltern Futurism, an expression he coined to discern the histories of subaltern communities in South Asia and the diaspora as a counter-narrative to the proliferation of futurist thinking emerging in the region over the past few years. As a first step, Subaltern Futurism takes the form of a website, which presents a toolkit for the technological and artistic education of subaltern communities to circumvent institutional structures that are unable to guarantee their safety. Vishal observes that Subaltern Futurism and its associated tools stand in opposition to notions of subalternity offered by postcolonial scholarship. Whereby, Subaltern Futurism seeks to enable speculative models that highlight the complex ways in which caste and capitalism collude to retain their hegemonic positions. As part of his talk, Vishal will also offered insights into newer research he conducted in Singapore during his residency at SAM.