• 14 Apr 2022

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 7:30 PM

In this monologue, curator and artist Yip Kai Chun told stories of the Hakka language he has discovered during his residency at SAM. A Hakka himself, and having created related projects in Hong Kong, Kai Chun has been chatting with Hakka individuals, families, and members of Singapore Eng Teng Association. 

Despite being the fourth largest Chinese community in Singapore, the Hakka language has been in decline for decades. Kai Chun highlighted reasons for this situation and explore how pragmatic attitudes towards language use interact with the survival or decline of languages. 

In this way, Kai Chun reflected on the inner landscape of a community’s language. The session will also include a specially designed conversation with attendees that explores possible future directions for language politics in Singapore.