• 02 Feb 2023

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 7:30 PM

Rotation 02 is the story of a new museum in Sri Lanka attempting to exhibit 144 bird paintings in a single gallery, and the many twists, breakdowns and points of reflection that emerged from it. Ritchell Marcelline and Sandev Handy from the curatorial team of the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Sri Lanka present one part of the story, of putting together the museum's second exhibition titled ‘Encounters’, currently on display at the Museum’s Colombo premises. Consisting of two and half years of curatorial research, planning and logistics, pandemic lockdowns, fuel shortages and an economic collapse in Sri Lanka, this case study draws into focus issues faced on the ground with research, knowledge, skill and institution building. Through a process of reflecting aloud and in collaboration with those in attendance, Marcelline and Handy will ask, what a museum of the future in Sri Lanka can be, who it will serve and how it could function.