Bruno RUIZ

Artist Residency || 01 Jan to 31 Mar 2024

Bruno RUIZ is an artist who works across public engagement and collaborative practice. Working with different mediums from publishing, photography, sculptures, and installation, he questions the authority and the legitimacy of the real and the original. Through his exploration of the commons and piracy, he obfuscates the dichotomy between the original and the copy; and through his reconstruction of the prehistoric unknown, he questions if history is the keeper of absolute truths. Enamoured with the labour and tools of traditional printmaking, Bruno utilises the mimeograph to engage in publishing as a tool for the dissemination of knowledge to the public. By way of sharing this technique, Bruno aspires to connect with a network of practitioners and explore various distribution means.


In 2017, Bruno founded RRD or Red de Reproducción y Distribución (Reproduction and Distribution Network), a collective supported by a kiosk on the street and a production studio. RRD is a platform dedicated to the production and distribution of editorial and audio-visual content, and serves as a gathering space where artists, independent publishers, and the public interact.


While in residence, Bruno will explore the distinctions operating across reproducibility of new media and its potential at generating a public playfulness.


Portrait image on listings page: courtesy of Wirunwan Pitaktong.
Hero banner: courtesy of Thanathorn Passornvichan