Community & Education Residency || 01 Jan to 29 Mar 2024

Irfan HOŠIĆ investigates the societal possibilities of post-war and post-genocide contexts, whereby using tools of critical theory, art, design, urban planning and civic engagement, are understood as vehicles for social transformation. In 2020, he founded the KRAK Center for Contemporary Culture in Bihać (Bosnia) inspired by general institutional neglect and systematic failures by the state apparatus.


While in residence, Irfan will survey self-organized positions driven by various arts, cultural and collective platforms in Singapore and Southeast Asia. Irfan’s research aims to explore the ways in which these strategies can be used as a creative force to initiate, articulate and foster dialogues related to political aesthetics, public space, and environmental issues in relation to establishing new solidarities, justice and collective futures.


Portrait image on listings page: courtesy of Mehmed Mahmutović, 2023.
Hero banner: courtesy of Mehmed Mahmutović, 2023.