Curatorial & Research Residency || 01 Nov to 30 Nov 2023

Yvon LANGUÉ’s interests lie in the role of text in shaping discursive and performative spaces – affecting the meaning of art, the function and social responsibility of institutions, and the social position and status of the artist within wider contexts.


While in residence, Yvon will develop a theoretical framework that functions in the intersections of conceptualism and curatorial practice. With a focus on Non-Western systems of signification – through marginal philosophies; hybrid spaces; outskirts-of-the-world systems and left-behind-by-modernity perspectives – Yvon hopes to widen notions of artistic and curatorial conceptualism to craft a path towards common knowledge that encompasses these heterodoxic concepts.


Portrait image on listings page courtesy of the artist.
Hero banner: S. Aboulaoula (L) and Y. Langué (R). Performed readings as a tribute to Ted Joans in response to Louis Van Gasteren’s ‘Jazz and Poetry’ (1964) 1—54 Contemporary African Art Fair FORUM 2019. Jazz is My Religion, 24.02.2019 at LE 18, Marrakech © Katrina Sorrentino