A Date with SAM: Debbie Ding A Date with SAM: Debbie Ding

A Date with SAM: Debbie Ding

  • Wed, 5 Jan 2022

  • Zoom Webinar

  • 8:00–9:00pm

  • Free with registration

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In this talk, artist Debbie Ding takes us through different virtual spaces as we zoom through her practice and discuss the processes behind her new work Data Mining Jurong (2021). Debbie’s practice is often characterised by her engagements with archives: how we record and remember but also how we sometimes allow ourselves to forget through the archive, the museum or the time capsule.

Once known as “Goh’s Folly” in its early years of development, Jurong has become integral to Singapore’s economic and industrial history since the 1960s. Now designated as Singapore’s second CBD and home to a cluster of data centres, petrochemical facilities and an upcoming Jurong Region Line, what is or was Jurong — and how should we remember it?