"Ku tahu asal usul mu. Yang laut balik ke laut. Yang darat balik ke darat" : A Closing Performance by Zarina Muhammad


  • SUN, 27 JAN '19

  • Lobby and Gallery at L1, SAM at 8Q

  • 5PM – 6PM

I know your origins
Let those from the sea return to the sea
Let those from the land return to the land 

The final verse from Ulek Mayang, a song traditionally performed to appease the spirits of the sea marks the key reference point and final rite for this closing performance. Alongside invited guest artists and collaborators, experience Zarina Muhammad’s artwork, Pragmatic Prayers for the Kala at the Threshold in its final moments. The closing performance is a tribute to the points of forgetting between the pre-colonial and the post-colonial and an expression of gratitude to the cosmological worlds of our making – spaces and places which we respectively belong and ultimately return to.