A Date with SAM: Berny Tan A Date with SAM: Berny Tan

A Date with SAM: Berny Tan

When was the last time you visited the Chinese Garden?

Join artist Berny Tan, SAM curator Kenneth Tay and museum educator Gabrielle Lee in this virtual sharing as they walk you through the making of the artwork, a shapeless mass; a network of times. Learn how the public’s memories of the Chinese Garden were collected, coded, knitted and formed into a fascinating array of lanterns. The artwork is showing at Science Centre Singapore from 16 Jun–11 Sep 2022.

A Date with SAM is part of the programming for Art in the Commons: Data Visualising Jurong, SAM’s collaboration with Science Centre Singapore to develop community-based participatory art programmes within the Jurong district. The initiative is supported by Tote Board Singapore.

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