Putting Myself on Screen Putting Myself on Screen

Putting Myself on Screen

In this online presentation, Maya Man (@mayaontheinternet) interrogates the performance of personal identity using digital platforms like Instagram and TikTok.Incorporating desktop collage, screen performance, and lecture, Putting Myself on Screen is a digital performance that seeks to highlight how it is impossible to separate our “authentic” and digital personalities on the internet.

The virtual performance is developed using Maya’s social media posts and real time web animation in order to construct a new digital portrait. Responding to this on-screen collage, Maya adopts the format of a YouTube ‘reaction video,’ engaging with her own image in a second performance that moves between satire and self-reflection.

Drawing on sociology and internet culture, the post-performance lecture “Putting Yourself on Screen” unpacks the concepts of authenticity and performativity in relation to Maya’s artistic practice, including formative projects such as FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT (2022), Glance Back (2018 – ongoing), and COLLECT THE ARTIST (2022), digital artworks that use creative-coding technologies to explore identity and self-image.

The performance will be followed by a conversation and Q&A moderated by SAM curator Duncan Bass. This session is held in conjunction with the programme series Skill Futures.

About the artist

Maya Man is an American artist whose work considers the computer screen a space for intimacy and performance, focusing on the phenomenon of translating our offline selves into online content. She has exhibited internationally at spaces including SOOT Tokyo, Vellum Los Angeles, Power Station of Art Shanghai, Times Square, and Feral File. Her work has been featured in Art in America, Forbes, Outland, Refinery29, and more. Maya holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Computer Science and Media Studies from Pomona College. She is currently pursuing an MFA in Media Art at UCLA.

About Skill Futures

In a time when the physical and digital are blurred, what skills do we need to understand and critically shape our hybrid realities? Artists are now being asked to invest in digital skills more than ever: to "upskill" and pursue "personal development," to prepare to emerge on the other side of COVID equipped for a future whose material and digital realities will be even more intertwined. But what does it mean to become "smarter"? To what ends are new technical skills being pursued? Skill Futures is a digital commissioning platform that consists of performances, workshops, and lectures. It elaborates on the valences of "intelligence" issuing from minor histories and invites artistic practices that considers the screen as a speculative medium of the future.



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