Falling Into Its Thingness - A Workshop with Aki Hassan & Rifqi Amirul Falling Into Its Thingness - A Workshop with Aki Hassan & Rifqi Amirul

Falling Into Its Thingness
- A Workshop with Aki Hassan & Rifqi Amirul

  • Sun, 26 June 2022

  • Level 3, SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 10AM–6PM

  • Free, by registration

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On rendering and feeling of things is a full-day, in-person workshop. Using Tanjong Pagar Distripark as a space for investigation, participants will be taken through individual and group exercises involving speculation, rendering and translation. The exercises consider intuitive ways of conceiving sculptures and challenge our understanding of materiality and physicality.
Expanding from Aki and Rifqi’s collaborative project, Falling into Its Thingness, the workshop explores what it means to produce sculptures under hybrid physical-digital conditions while unpacking ideas of “mistranslations” and “errors” as entry points into thinking about digital materiality.

About the artists
Rifqi Amirul Rosli (b. 1994) is a multi-disciplinary artist whose works often deal with the in-between of things: states of suspension, transition, liminality. He probes into the construction of personal boundaries and speculative states that define one’s purpose and sentimentality towards a place. He describes the personal connection one has to a physical or an imagined place, which may not necessarily be a typical home, but could relate to a sense of familiarity, a tradition or a regular activity that becomes a part of one’s identity.

Aki Hassan (b. 1995) is a multi-disciplinary artist who shifts between drawing, printed matter, sculpture and installation. They see the process of making as a tool, to navigate and reflect on lived experiences and support systems, to locate strength, shifts and imbalances in exchange. Aki Hassan has taken part in both local and international exhibitions, such as An Exercise of Meaning in A Glitch Season (National Gallery Singapore, 2020), Pig Rock Bothy Residency & Exhibition (Scottish Gallery of Modern Art, 2019) and SCOUT: Emerging Art Practices, Singapore (Gillman Barracks, 2015).

Please note:

  • The max capacity for this workshop is 12 participants.
  • Lunch will be provided. For any food allergies or dietary restrictions, please mention in the form during registration.
  • Masks must be worn at all times, unless when eating and drinking.
  • No prior knowledge is required. However, participants must be comfortable with handling technology. Computers will be provided to participants during the event.
  • Please bring along a smartphone advice with camera function.
  • By attending this programme, you consent to being photographed, filmed and/or video-recorded. These materials may be used by SAM for museum-related publicity purposes only.
  • SAM reserves the right to cancel or rearrange the organised event.


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