SAM Late Nights SAM Late Nights

SAM Late Nights

  • Sat, 1 Jul 2023

  • SAM at Tanjong Pagar Distripark

  • 6PM – 10PM

  • General museum admission fee applies

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Come and explore SAM after dark! Watch a performance, view the ongoing exhibitions, listen to live music or create your own artworks in a fun-filled evening of art and entertainment.

Find out more about the line-up below.

*Programmes may be subject to change without prior notice. Information accurate at time of publishing.


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[CREATE] Make A Badge Sam
[CREATE] Make A Badge

[CREATE] Make A Badge

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Gallery Reception, Level 1


Personalise a button badge inspired by SAM's new exhibitions.

[Create] “This Little Red Dot…” Sam
[Create] “This Little Red Dot…”

[Create] “This Little Red Dot…”

Time: 6PM – 10PM

Venue: Reception, Level 1


Ignite your imagination this National Day!
We’re celebrating 60 years of greening and conservation efforts in Singapore!

Show us your creativity and illustrate your hopes for a clean and green Singapore using our This Little Red Dot... template. .


Terms and conditions apply.


This Little Red Dot... is supported by Mapletree.

[COLLECT] Stick with SAM Sam
[COLLECT] Stick with SAM

[COLLECT] Stick with SAM

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1


Go on a journey of SAM's exhibitions and start your own SAM sticker collection! 



Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: The Engine Room


Re-Material: State of change is the start of Singapore Art Museum’s handling collection, put together by SAM’s Education team.

As part of SAM Contemporaries: Residues & Remixes, this showcase of deconstructed materials encourages sensory interaction in museums and galleries and provides a glimpse into the artist’s artmaking processes. Through reusing samples, materials, and mock-ups from the exhibition set up, this collection serves as a point of access for visitors to better understand the choice of materials used and their states of change. It is also a perfect opportunity for our guests to engage in up-close visual and tactile investigation to foster a deeper knowledge and enjoyment of the artworks.

[LIFESTYLE] Hi SAM! Roving Photobooth Sam
[LIFESTYLE] Hi SAM! Roving Photobooth

[LIFESTYLE] Hi SAM! Roving Photobooth

Time: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Level 1


Capture your time here at SAM at with a polaroid photo.

[LIFESTYLE] The Night Market Sam
[LIFESTYLE] The Night Market with Balestier Market Collective and Friends

[LIFESTYLE] The Night Market with Balestier Market Collective and Friends

Times: 6PM – 9PM

Venue: Epigram Coffee Bookshop


Presented by Balestier Market Collective, The Night Market is a pop-up bar featuring local brands, drinks and bites.

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] Wayang Spaceship by Ming Wong Sam
[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] Wayang Spaceship by Ming Wong

[ARTWORK ACTIVATION] Wayang Spaceship by Ming Wong

Time: 7.15PM – 7.30PM

Venue: Container Bay, Level 1


A Wayang Spaceship has landed on our shores. Alongside the industrial, technological and ecological crises that have taken place throughout time, it also stands witness to our place in the cosmos. During the day, the Wayang Spaceship is seemingly dormant, its reflective surfaces mirroring the bustling traffic around the container seaport. Its own inactivity is interrupted by the occasional stray radio transmission relayed from another dimension.


At dusk, the Wayang Spaceship reclaims its former role as a travelling Chinese theatre, illuminating the past, present and future with an operatic symphony of light, sound and image, as though it is livestreamed from the memory of a scholar-warrior, a time travelling consciousness who moves freely between the past, present, and future. Each day, after the Singapore Art Museum closes, the Wayang Spaceship activates with light, sound and film, allowing the public to commune with this solitary figure of Chinese opera.


The Wayang Spaceship will evolve over a two-year period featuring a range of performances and access programmes. It is commissioned by The Everyday Museum, a public art initiative by Singapore Art Museum, and made possible with the generous support of Sun Venture.

[READING]​ subTEXT x SAM: textual re:newal Sam
[READING]​ subTEXT x SAM: textual re:newal

[READING] subTEXT x SAM: textual re:newal

Time: 8PM – 9PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1

Register here


The subTEXT x SAM series is reinventing itself by trying out a refreshed format – imagine a literary salon in a casual setting, with snacks and drinks.This July edition is also loosely inspired by the exhibition SAM Contemporaries: Residues and Remixes, a showcase on emerging practices in Singapore art. Four writers represent different facets of literary pursuits – from poetry, to fiction and theatre, as well as non-fiction. An evening where we celebrate collaborations, how the intersection of ideas might lead to renewed inspirations.


Featured Writers:

Emily Brandt
Emily is a New York City poet. She is the author of FALSEHOOD, as well as three poetry chapbooks: Sleeptalk Or Not At All, ManWorld and Behind Teeth. Her poems have appeared in many journals including BOMB, Fence, LitHub, The Recluse and Michigan Quarterly Review, as well as anthologies including Inheriting the War and Brooklyn Poets Anthology. Emily is a co-founding editor of No, Dear, curator of the LINEAGE reading series at Wendy’s Subway, member of the video art collective Temp.Files, and an Instructional Coach at a NYC public school. She is of Sicilian, Polish and Ukrainian descent. Her online presence includes: /

Myle Yan Tay
Yan writes novels, plays, essays, comic books and reviews (but never in that order). His debut play, Brown Boys Don’t Tell Jokes, was staged by Checkpoint Theatre in March 2023. His novel, catskull, was published in April 2023 with Ethos Books. He is an Associate Artist at Checkpoint Theatre and you can find his reviews at

Toh Hsien Min
Hsien Min has authored four solo books of poetry, most recently Dans quel sens tombent les feuilles (2016). His work has also recently appeared in periodicals such as Magma, PN Review and The Stinging Fly. In 2023, he published Lilla Torg, a collaborative work with three other poets, Yong Shu Hoong, Yeow Kai Chai and Heng Siok Tian. When not working in financial services, he edits the Quarterly Literary Review Singapore.

Tse Hao Guang
Tse Hao Guang (谢皓光) is the author of The International Left-Hand Calligraphy Association (Tinfish Press, 2023) and Deeds of Light (Math Paper Press, 2015, Singapore Literature Prize shortlist). He edited the new edition of Wong May’s A Bad Girl’s Book of Animals (Ethos Books, 2023). His poems and essays appear in Poetry, Poem-a-Day, The Yale Review, Poetry Northwest, Entropy and elsewhere. (Author’s photo by Daryl Qilin Yam)


Yong Shu Hoong has authored seven poetry collections, including Frottage (2005) and The Viewing Party (2013), which both won the Singapore Literature Prize, and Anatomy of a Wave (2022). He is a co-author of collaborative works, The Adopted: Stories from Angkor (2015), Lost Bodies: Poems Between Portugal and Home (2016) and Lilla Torg: A Scandinavian Journey (2023).


About subTEXT
Organised by Yong Shu Hoong, subTEXT is a long-running literary reading series that took place regularly from 2001 to 2008 at different venues. It is now organised on an ad-hoc basis. This iteration of subTEXT is co-organised by SAM and Yong Shu Hoong.

[MUSIC]​ SAM Mixtape: textual re:newal Sam
[MUSIC]​ SAM Mixtape: textual re:newal

[MUSIC] SAM Mixtape: textual re:newal

Time: 6PM – 7PM & 9PM – 10PM

Venue: The Engine Room, Level 1


Sit back and relax as the subTEXT x SAM series reinvents itself with a refreshed format of a literary salon in a casual setting, with snacks and drinks. To put the audience in the right mood, a playlist of curated remixes will fill the space before and after the readings, all the better to background conversation and the intermingling of thoughts.