Art in the Commons: Dakota-Cassia 2022-2024

In 2016, the residents of Dakota Crescent, one of Singapore’s oldest public housing estates, which was demolished for redevelopment, were relocated to Block 52 Cassia Crescent. Today, the community living in Cassia Crescent consists of familiar faces from Dakota Crescent as well as new residents from various walks of life.

Residents of Cassia Crescent and its adjacent areas will play a significant role in Art in the Commons: Dakota-Cassia, a multi-year, multidisciplinary contemporary art project that explores the process of community building through the arts. Through collaborative and arts activities, they will help to uncover community interests and shape the outcomes of this process-driven project which hopes to create opportunities to rekindle old relationships and build new ones.

Art in the Commons: Dakota-Cassia, is part of Singapore Art Museum’s collaboration with Drama Box, to embark on community-based arts programmes in the Cassia area.


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