Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition 2022

In Hello Future: Fantastic Paper Planet, be enthralled by the creations of preschool children, which draws inspiration from Earth, the planet we call our home.

Through SAM’s signature programme, Think! Contemporary Preschool, the children engaged in lively discussions on contemporary art, environmental sustainability with reference to artworks in SAM’s collection and exhibition. The children embarked on a journey to explore paper and its infinite possibilities as they cut, tore, coiled, crinkled, folded and moulded the humble material to bring their ideas to life. This presentation is the third edition of the Think! Contemporary Preschool Exhibition, showcasing selected artworks from six preschools and in venue partnership with Singapore Botanic Gardens.

As you walk through the lush surroundings of Singapore Botanic Gardens and encounter these artworks, we hope that they will remind you to appreciate the environment around you and galvanise efforts towards protecting our planet for future generations.


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Nassim Gate Visitor Centre

Tanglin Green Pavilion