Chong Lii and Christian Kingo, 'Blue Trapezium', 2020 Chong Lii and Christian Kingo, 'Blue Trapezium', 2020

Chong Lii and Christian Kingo, 'Blue Trapezium', 2020

  • Collection of the Artist

  • 2020

  • Single-channel high definition video

While knowledge is often associated with light, the locus of all understanding stems from the enclosed space of the skull. Blue Trapezium is set within this mysterious crevice where forces of knowing and unknowing coincide with each other. The characters are caught within a circular motion of coming and going through corridors, trains and doorways with little indication of where they are going or who they are after. The video opens where it ends and ends where it begin, cocooned within a loop where the only certainty is continuity and not a destination. 

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Text written and read by: Garima G. Lalwani (Friends of the Museums, Singapore)
撰文与诵读:赵曼竹 (Chinese Docent Group)
原稿日本語訳および音声: 大原 かな子


Download English transcript here.
Download Mandarin transcript here.
Download Japanese transcript here.

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Art Must Go On ft. Chong Lii and Christian Kingo 

From the strange feeling of drifting through time, to encountering deserted public spaces, the scenes from Blue Trapezium are mysteriously prescient of our lives during this pandemic. In a blog interview, the filmmaker duo of Chong Lii and Christian Kingo recounts the process of re-editing the 2017 short film for Time Passes and how these surreal scenes today have made them more considered in their practice. Click to read Art Must Go On ft. Chong Lii and Christian Kingo