Diana Rahim, 'Interventions', 2020 Diana Rahim, 'Interventions', 2020

Diana Rahim, 'Interventions', 2020

  • Collection of the Artist

  • Commission for 'Proposals for Novel Ways of Being'

  • 2020

  • Vinyl and archival photographic prints

Interventions develops the artist's ongoing documentation of hostile architecture in Singapore. Hostile architecture refers to restrictive architectural features such as ledges or barriers that regulate public behaviours by intervening in how shared spaces like benches, walkways and void decks are navigated and used. These new photographs initiate ways of reclaiming spaces by staging intimate interventions that imagine and soften various hostile architectural elements that deter undesired peoples and uses. It places faith in the possibilities of identifying and reshaping hostile conditions.

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Text: Nurul Kaiyisah
Read by: Cecilia Arellano (Friends of the Museums, Singapore)
撰文与诵读:赵曼竹 (Chinese Docent Group)
原稿日本語訳および音声:加茂 多津枝


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