Divaagar, 'Render Tender', 2020 Divaagar, 'Render Tender', 2020

Divaagar, 'Render Tender', 2020

  • Collection of the Artist

  • Commission for 'Proposals for Novel Ways of Being'

  • 2020

  • Mixed media

Render Tender adopts the set-up of a fictional reiki studio that channels remote healing through the aid of projected visuals and a calming soundscape. It considers how acts of care persist and can be performed and experienced in intimate isolation. The artist draws on reiki, a form of spiritual healing operating through trust and touch that offers a poignant and adaptable model of sustaining intimacy in a pandemic where physical contact must be negotiated.

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Text: Dee Chia
Read by: Nicole Bithos (Friends of the Museums, Singapore)
撰文与诵读:赵曼竹 (Chinese Docent Group)
原稿日本語訳:間下 有香
音声: 中村 真紀



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