Fazleen Karlan, '#sgbyecentennial', 2019 Fazleen Karlan, '#sgbyecentennial', 2019

Fazleen Karlan, '#sgbyecentennial', 2019

  • Collection of the Artist

  • 2019

  • Paper pulp, soil, white glue, acrylic paint and found objects

This installation produces a visual record of our present time by presenting the perspective of an excavation that is yet to happen. Fazleen Karlan draws on archaeological processes to explore the indeterminate passage of time. The speculative unearthing of familiar everyday objects here, laden with soil and layered with time, reflects how our present slowly recedes into the past as we return to
dwell on it.

Conceived as a response to Singapore’s Bicentennial celebrations in 2019, #sgbyecentennial seeks to move away from the dominance of colonial legacies in our histories and beyond the Bicentennial celebration's scope of 200 years.

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Text: Tan Chee Sean
Read by: Ellen Rosenkranz (Friends of the Museums, Singapore)
撰文与诵读:王冠男 (Chinese Docent Group)
原稿日本語訳: 長村 純子
音声:密田 由香



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