Utama’s Kitty Utama’s Kitty

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Utama’s Kitty

  • 2018

  • Plastic and Wood

  • Various dimensions

  • SAM Touch Collection

Adapted from:
Utama’s Cat
Wood and mild steel
224 x 195 x 100 cm (internal); 350 x 215 x 169 cm (external)
Collection of Singapore Art Museum

For this adaptation of Utama’s Cat, artist David Chan recreated the sculpture in plastic and added a prop made of different types of hardwood samples to simulate the feel of the original material used for the lion. The original artwork, Utama’s Cat, was commissioned by the Singapore Art Museum with a grant from National Arts Council, Singapore, and originally displayed at the front lawn of the museum during Art Week 2015. 

Watch to learn more about this SAM Touch Collection adaptation here: 

David Chan (b. 1979, Singapore) creates realistic works that often feature subjects such as animals, humans and animal/human hybrids. Though they might seem comical and bewildering at first glance, Chan’s paintings and sculptures present social commentary on key issues, such as popular culture, genetic engineering, and human behaviour.

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