Artist Residency || 01 Jan to 30 Jun 2024

Chand CHANDRAMOHAN is a multidisciplinary artist whose work investigates the different forms and experiences of labour. Often through performance and collage, Chand employs the use of satire, humour, and social commentary to subvert the notions of labour in its many embodiments. Chand is part of numerous joke artist groups, which includes desigirl69, horizontal denglong and many more to come.


While in residence, Chand will situate “rest” and “resting” as a locale where affinities may be built. In this pursuit, Chand aims to transform self-care into community care and regard “rest” as an act of freedom and wilful resistance. This is a continuation of Chand’s ongoing exploration into self-care, agency and personal power as a site for ethical collaborations and friendships within Singapore’s arts ecosystem.


Portrait image on listings page: courtesy of the artist.
Hero banner: courtesy of the artist.