Community & Education Residency || 01 Apr to 30 Apr 2022

Rebecca Vickers is interested in exploring how SAM's residency could provide opportunity to investigate the question: How can the act of “collecting” generate new opportunities for experiments in “collectivity”? Vickers' practice often utilises a process of collection, framing instances of the everyday in a manner through which their extraordinary nature is brought front and centre. Integral to such process is an exploration of the various ways in which human interaction and social discourse can support the collaborative nature that a collection-based process both enables, and requires.




Portrait image on listings page courtesy of the Artist.
Hero banner: Rebecca Vickers (right) with participants in the XPron Project, a community engagement project developed with workers of the food stalls in Bangrak Bazaar for the Bangkok Biennial (2018). Image courtesy of Ketsiree Wongwan.