Singapore Art Museum (SAM) is committed to the development of artistic practices by supporting critical research and artwork production, and profiling Singaporean and Southeast Asian artists internationally. Singapore’s participation at the prestigious International Art Exhibition - La Biennale di Venezia (Biennale Arte) underscores this commitment to present the finest examples of Singapore contemporary art and highlight our contributions to artistic discourse to a global audience.


Biennale Arte
Biennale Arte is the most established international contemporary art event and widely regarded as the most significant. Established in 1895, it is one of the oldest and most important non-commercial platforms to showcase contemporary art, and a premier stage to showcase Singapore’s visual artists to the world and connect them with the global art world.


Singapore’s Participation

Singapore has been participating at Biennale Arte since 2001. In its most recent editions, the Singapore Pavilion has featured artists such as Shubigi Rao (2022), Song-Ming Ang (2019), Zai Kuning (2017) and Charles Lim (2015). The 2001 to 2022 editions of the Singapore Pavilion were commissioned by the National Arts Council. For the 11th edition in 2024, SAM has been commissioned by NAC to organise the Singapore Pavilion. The list of participating artists in previous editions can be found here.


About the Singapore Pavilion

Since 2015, the Singapore Pavilion has been located in a dedicated and newly restored 250sqm space in a complex of buildings called the Sale d’Armi, which is centrally located and easily accessible within the Arsenale, a key site in Venice. The Sale d’Armi consists of a cluster of four 16th century barracks built with brick and stone, each with a wooden roof. It lies opposite the intersection between the long Corderie and Artiglierie buildings, where the main central square of the Arsenale is situated.


Recent Editions

2024 | Robert Zhao Renhui & Haeju Kim


2022 | Shubigi Rao & Ute Meta Bauer



2019 | Song-Ming Ang & Michelle Ho