Curatorial & Research Residency || 01 Aug to 31 Oct 2022

Arianna Mercado thinks through archipelagos, collectives, and informal networks as tools to map and study interactions and relationships. Her recent research has involved studying infrastructures such as fiber optic cables to understand and interrogate the complicated history of global communication, capital, and development. She is keen to use her time in residence to explore the notion of connectivity from the point of Southeast Asia that continues to operate with exceedingly limited speed internet. She sees the opportunity of being able to engage in a dialogue within an institution like SAM, its audience, and environment as pivotal in the advancement of this research.




Portrait image on listings page courtesy of Izzy Waite.
Hero banner: Arianna (right) assisting Judy Freya Sibayan with her performance at Calle Wright, Manila. Image courtesy of Geric Cruz.