Community & Education Residency || 01 Apr to 30 Jun 2024

Sumugan SIVANESAN’s primary interest bridges migrant histories, minority politics, activist media, artist infrastructures and “more-than-human rights.” Since 2020, Sumugan has been developing fugitive radio (2020 - present), an artistic-research project that pursues live and collectively-realised modes of performance or participatory radio using free and open source tools.


While in residence, Sumugan proposes to assemble an edition of Minorities Botschaft, a counter-hegemonic study group centred on a series of plant-based meals, discussions, experimental exercises and excursions. Minorities Botschaft creates a space for sociability and is a means to collaboratively identify, and playfully negotiate social, ecological and economic vulnerabilities in Singapore.


Portrait image on listings page: Courtesy of Jussi-Virkkumaa (2021).
Hero banner: "fugitive radio with Suva Das, Pixelache Festival #BURN____2021" Photo: Antti Ahonen