This mural responds to the redevelopment of the Singapore Art Museum buildings, making a bold declaration that conveys the artist’s hopes for what the Museum of the future may bring. It invites viewers to look more closely to discover the vibrant motifs within it that symbolise a diverse range of communities in Singapore. Lo encourages viewers to obliterate the “CON” in the statement with stickers, and in doing so presents a thought-provoking and empowering revelation: the future may be uncertain, but the power to shape it lies in each of our hands. 

OUR FUTURE IS IN(CON)CLUSIVE reflects a desire for a more socially conscious and inclusive society, a recurring theme in Lo’s practice that both stems from and acknowledges their lived experience as a member in a diverse community.

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About the Artist

Sam Lo is a visual artist whose work offers social commentary fuelled by observations of their surroundings and research into the sociopolitical climate. Their* early forays into street art sparked a local debate on Singapore’s definitions of art and vandalism, earning them the moniker "Sticker Lady" and making them a household name. Today, Lo’s work spans installations, large-scale murals and digital designs that aim to deepen our understanding the world around us and how our actions are interdependent.

Hero image:
Sam Lo, OUR FUTURE IS IN(CON)CLUSIVE (detail), 2021; image courtesy of the Artist.

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Discover the colourful and diverse communities of Singapore in artist Sam Lo’s new mural for the Singapore Art Museum’s Hoarding Commission. OUR FUTURE IS IN(CON)CLUSIVE offers a personal vision for a more socially conscious and inclusive society.

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